Bina Charolais 2-19-19

Lane & Vicki Bina Kyle & Denae Stern 11168 60th St NE Lawton, ND 58345 701-655-3598 • Cell: 701-351-3298 Kyle & Denae (Bina) Stern, Cell: 605-237-0526 8003 - Here are the first calves to sell out of Pro-Char Donaldson 860 that we bought out of Canada. Boy! Did he put the power into this one with a big hip, wide top and a load of red meat. You will want to look at him on sale day. 8060 - This Ledger bull is backed by a Jot of powerful pedigrees such as the VCR Sir Duke and Baldridge Elvira on his maternal side and the great LT Brenda cow on his fraternal side! He comes as thick and wide as you would want but also can move with the best! Kevin Effe rtz , Auctioneer • 701-720-1363 (Cell) Weston Geppert , Sale Representative Charolais Journa l• 605-933-1387 (Cell) Colt Keffer , Sale Representative Charolais Journal • 765-376-8784 (Cell)