Houston International 2-26-19

February 26, 2019 • Tuesday, 7PM Reliant Sale Arena • Houston Livestock Show Catalog Available Online . . . www.texassimmentalsimbrah.com Sale will be broadcast live via internet . . . www.dvauction.com Latham  Hill Catalog Production Sale Managed By: Roy Schwake 6105 CR 4524 · Athens TX 75752 (Cell) 214/542-8162 schwakecattle@aol.com Auctioneer: Doak Lambert, Decatur, Texas Schedule of Events: Wednesday, February 27 Open Simmental Show 8AM Open Simmental Show 10AM Publication Representatives: Southern Livestock Standard Weekly Livestock Reporter Sale Sponsored By . . . . Greg Burden, President txsim@aol.com Sale Day Phones: Roy Schwake 214-542-8162 If you are unable to attend the sale we would be happy to handle your bids in strict confidence, direct them to sale manager or a person of your preference or view the sale on the internet. Buyer Parking . . .Buyers will be able to enter the Horse Gate off of the feeder road between Fannin & Kirby on IH 610. Tell the person at the gate that you are coming to the International Simmental/ Simbrah Sale. Sale Terms & Conditions Cash or check unless other terms are pre-approved by Sale Manager, TSSA or owners. Each animal to be sold to high- est bidder - the auctioneer will settle any dispute as to bids. All cattle are to be paid for by the purchaser during or immediately after the sale and will not be released until after settlement has been made through the sale manager or owner. Cattle will not be transferred until paid for in full. All cattle sell under the Terms & Conditions set forth by the American Simmental Association (January 1, 2011) and the TSSA Approved Sale Guidelines. Copies will be available sale day. Herd Health: All cattle will have interstate health papers required for shipping into other sections of the U.S. Announcements: All announcements at the sale by the sale manag- er, owners or auctioneer concerning the cattle will take precedence over statements in this sale catalog. Liability: All persons attending the sale and related functions do so at their own risk. The TSSA and Schwake Cattle Services as- sume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents or injuries that may occur. Information in this catalog is believed to be accu- rate but any updates or corrections will be on a supplement and/or announced from the block.