Schurrtop Ranch 3-26-21

- 1 - WWW.SCHURRTOP.COM  • SEE OUR BULL VIDEOS AT DVAUCTION.COM 40+ Years of Feed Efficiency Testing Bred In 50+ Years of Carcass, Gain & Performance Data He Sells He Sells He Sells He Sells The majority of our sires are Residual Feed Intake or progeny tested for efficiency for generations 155 Yearling Bulls · 17 Two Year Old Bulls 33 Registered & Commercial Angus Heifers F riday - M arch 26, 2021 - 1:00 pm cst T ri -S tate L ivestock , M c C ook , N ebraska S churrtop R anch A ngus & C harolais B ull S ale H THE BEST OF TWO BREEDS H ONE SALE -- ONE DAY 205 ANGUS AND CHAROLAIS SELL The Best o f Net Profit Genetics